Would you like to participate in some local Key West photography shenanigans? Welcome to my Key West Local Hub! :)

This page is very personal! I like to make sure I keep parts of photography my hobby and not just a job. This hub always lists current promotional/creative trades for photography services that I attempt to align with the needs of my business but most often I just want to create the art. This is a safe place to inquire – I will not send you another message if you fall of the face of the planet – this is simply a private hub. The photography that is collected for these shoots remains the creative property of Kim Nix Photography and may be used for Kim Nix Photography’s purposes. The client also retains the ability to download, share and use the images for their own purposes excluding ‘publishing’ as their own or ‘selling’ the image. The client must credit the photographer in all instances and provide a link to the webpage when sharing.

I do not expect my clients to understand the nuances of providing credit to a photographer and invite any questions you may have. I am here to assist in any way that I can to ensure the experience is wonderful and beneficial to both parties. I am not offended until my request for corrections are repeatedly ignored. Believe it or not my own family is the biggest issue so please do not be afraid to ask if you are not sure but if you GO for it, please attempt your best. HOWEVER – when submitting my work to a publication such as a newspaper or local website article you must include my credentials. A simple www.kimnixphotography.com Images by Kim Nix Photography is perfect. ~ Kim Nix

Boudoir photographer in Key West captures lingerie model

Home or AIRBNB Boudoir Sessions

Key West Boudoir Sessions – Attention Key West – THESE ARE GOING TO BE SO MUCH FUN. I have been getting a lot of interest recently and it has prompted me to branch out into this realm of boudoir. I would love to collaborate with some interested parties in creating some at-home art. I have done sessions that are similar in the past and would love to lasso a few more. I am happy to take on male or female and shoot unique circumstances but the shoot must be for one subject.

Are you a candidate? Please reach out to me if you have an interesting location to shoot the session. The session location must be approved by the property owner. There are some exceptions to this rule but please be considerate if you are room-sharing or have community amenities – the session will require multiple settings on site to reap a portfolio of unique images. A group or shared area may not be the best setting for such a photography session.


The client provides their own wardrobe/ Kim Nix Photography can work with anything from sheer curtains (as pictured) to nothing but a pair of high heels but aims to secure tasteful content. I will deliver the images via online gallery. I expect the client to approve of the portfolio use of the images but am open to discussing mix/matched privacy for some of our results (not all) should the client feel the need.


Key West Dance Floor – if you have a hot spot with a dance floor Kim Nix Photography will throw you the first visit during peak hours pro-bono. I am especially wonderful in dark places 🙂 and I spent the first five years of my photography career owning the nightclub scene in Chattanooga. This works best if we can schedule during peak hours.. but if it flops I can make it look packed anyway.

Are you eligible? Certainly if we can co-ordinate our schedule. No obligations past the first session. I deliver the images by 1PM the following day via an online gallery and your business can showcase the images as desired. Be aware that booking again takes place at a cost and has better terms.

  • A business can choose to book a single 1hr coverage time at $250.00 ($300.00 for holidays like New Years) and the business may supply me with a transparent .png of the logo and I am happy to apply the logo to our photography haul as pictured below. The deal comes with delivery the same night as most visitors are looking for those photographs on your Facebook page the very next day. Contract required.
  • A business can instead choose to book four sessions at $200.00 ($800.00 total – holidays are +$50.00 and they book quickly if I even have the date open) and the same night delivery + .png offer applies. Contract is required.