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Would you like an engagement session? This is a great way to get to know each-other and get a feel for being in front of the camera BEFORE the big day - and putting on that wedding dress comes with a lot of nerves!
Would you like a second photographer to join our team? We recommend a second photographer for any mid to large-sized wedding. The second photographer can gather the details of the day, such as guests, wedding party and the venue while the main photographer can focus on the bride + groom and family members! Having two photographers also yields more photographs. KNP does full re-touching on all up to standard photographs and we do not withhold photographs or limit the re-touching process. We do this because you obviously place your wedding photography in high priority - we definitely want to show you what we can do!
We have collections containing highlight and tabletop albums for brides that are certain they would like a wedding album with their collection purchase but may not wish to have a large album or a custom design process. We have another options: We also allow brides to opt into the KNP Album Program, which allows them the freedom of NOT having to pay for the full album before their wedding date. In our KNP Album Program the couple has 12 months after their wedding date to make open payments on their wedding album as the photographs are edited and the album layout designed. The bride is able to choose which pictures she would like to see in her album as well as enjoy mock-ups of the layout. Now, just curious if you were interested in having any of the following explained?

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Just so you know - we do not collect the whole amount up front. We have a wedding contract drawn up to protect us both and then we take a down payment that is non refundable to reserve your date. By doing this, we agree not to shoot anyone else's wedding on your day.  We allow OPEN payments on the remaining amount (..meaning we do not put you on a monthly payment schedule) and our requirement is to simply have the wedding paid for before your wedding day. We have limited availability throughout the year, just specify that you have read and understand this policy and ask any questions in the comments box below!

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