The Freehand – Hostel in Miami, FL |Review with Photography by Miami Event Photographer

Photography by Media Mafia Inc, Kim Nix Photography of the pool at The Freehand in Miami.

By Kim Nix, a Chattanooga wedding photographer and owner/operator at Kim Nix Photography and Media Mafia Inc.

Yes, I love travel and guilty as charged. The love of travel can hurt your wallet…unless you are like me and would rather have travel than a wallet! 🙂 Well, in having a not so fat wallet, I have a need to save the hard earned money that I bring in from running two successful photography businesses. You know what helps save money when traveling? Throw away the condos and throw out a tent! ..wait, it’s 101 degrees at the beach. Well, I have tarped in a window unit for AC so I could beach bum in a nice 54 degree tent…but there is another option. Stay at a hostel! Hostels are affordable and the perfect option for the adverturous person that likes meeting new people. You will be rooming with strangers from all over the world – but just kick back and enjoy the unknown for a change.

The Freehand – Hostel

ARt at The Freehand in Miami by Kim Nix Photography


Miami, FL

     I am sure there are lots of nice hotels to stay at in Miami – I mean it’s Miami! Hostels are where it is at for me, however. I love the short time that I get to hang out with some amazing people in these places. You definitely meet some characters and if you aren’t smart about it – it could also be a great way to get your stuff stolen. Personally, I have never had anything stolen and keep what I fear may be nicked locked away or just carry it around with my while I explore. Hostels make for one unforgettable travel experience every time, and if it weren’t for the camaraderie of having instant room mates/best friends I would have had some lonesome trips away from my hometown. I have met people from France that hardly know English, rum guzzling Germans that may or may not know any English…Czechoslovakian girls that knew every language under the sun and just wanted to go backpacking across America using public transport one day.

The Freehand is a very nice hostel. Trust me, hostels can get rough – but The Freehand is top notch. The rooms have wi-fi, spacious beds, in-room bathrooms (so no midnight marching down the hall and waiting on five other people) and air conditioning. The beds are supplied with a number and a matching locker to use for the duration of your stay and if you don’t come supplied with a lock – the staff has supplied locks in the vending machine located in the kitchen. I have hardly had to leave the place for the last few days thanks to the fantastic on-site bar and restaurant next door. Why even go to the beach? The Freehand has a pool and lounge chairs with umbrellas. You can enjoy the shade from the palm trees or bake in the open sunshine. This hostel also provides a vibrantly colored outdoor lounge area that is lit with bistro lighting so everyone can hang ten into the late hours while enjoying a few cocktails. The Freehand has laundry on site, a place to park and lock your bike up, a guest kitchen to refrigerate your food and cook to your heart’s content.


In conclusion…The Freehand in Miami is the nicest hostel I have ever stayed at. I could go on and on – I have left a few pictures here of the hostel and I would love for you to check them out. The walls are decorated and the choice of furnishings is vibrant and bright – the vibe is very artistic, laid back and urban hippie. I definitely recommend this hostel to anyone looking to travel to Miami beach on a tight wallet – I am here for five more days and might even stay a few extra if this business trip goes well!

Miami Florida hostel, The Freehand captured by Miam event photographer, Kim Nix


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