What methods are you using to search?

If the answer is Facebook – that can be a frustrating place to look when all you’ve got in your arsenal is ‘reasonable priced wedding photographer’ as you will find that everyone thinks they are reasonably priced…. unless you take our advice!


     We know it can be frustrating to look so very hard and still not be able to find the ‘perfect’ photographer. We asked several brides via our weekly polls and newsletters what has been holding them up in the hiring process and the most popular answer remained ‘we just haven’t found the right person at a reasonable price.’  So, would you like to know how to hire a reasonably priced wedding photographer using Facebook posts?

     The most widely used social marketing platform is Facebook – what better place to put you in touch with your dream photographer for the best price? Well, it isn’t if all your are doing is advertising your search; it is best to also advertise what you want! We created this guide so that brides can not only be better educated in how to request what they want and receive a narrowed down selection of usable results.


1.) The best thing you can do for yourself and your wedding post is first determine a MINIMUM photography budget, and a MAX photography budget and make it clear when you make posts on Facebook.

2.) If you do not follow this advice, you will be surely doomed to receive ten pages of 86 comments each containing information from people that absolutely cannot meet your expectations….. immediately – from all over the world.

3.) Go for the gold, and don’t fly blind! Your photography budget is going to be unique to you and your life situation. Yes, you can find someone to cover your wedding for free, and for $300.00 or $800.00 – the term ‘reasonable’ means something different for everyone. Let’s drop the term ‘reasonable’ and remember you need to look for someone that can work a camera the way you need it to be worked.

4.) A camera does not take photographs that are good – the photographer does. For example, if I gave my best friend Jeremy my $3,000.00 camera and set it to manual mode out in bright sunlight, he could probably take better pictures with an iPhone!

5.) What does your wedding coverage need as far as skills?

  • Look at your wedding venue – make sure your choice has some great reception photographs of a dark indoor venue. A wedding photographer should know how to use flash exceptionally well because if they do not know how to use flash exceptionally well – the reception + ceremony indoors is going to be potentially risky.


  • What if your wedding is outdoors? You need to find someone that has some examples of images in bright sun as well as a cloudy day. Ask for examples of this – you be the judge whether you like what they show you.


  • Are you having a send-off? Well, if having good pictures of your send-off is a make it or break it; then brides you need to know that taking pictures of bubbles at 11:00 PM at night is different than dealing with sparklers – so might be a great idea to include what you plan on doing as a send-off. If you don’t know these things, don’t fret. You are just trying to get a narrowed down response to your wedding photography inquiry!

6.) What do you want as far as colors/style of editing? Do you want the bright, airy style? Note some of the colors in these photographs that you enjoy – do they have light aqua greens and emotional highlights? How about the trendy faded highlights, or the deep evergreens and moody oranges? Would you like to see the sharp contrast of professional lighting against the skies or do you prefer the clean, timeless look that captures the reality of the day? Do you want extremely emotional and connected posing or natural, candid looking posing? Include that in your post.

7.) A low-budget range is typically in between $0.00-$1,500.00, mid-range $1,500.00-$4,000.00, while high range is $4,000.00 -$10,000.00 while ‘reasonable’ for what any of these include is all over the place. Kim Nix Photography recommends spending at least $1,500.00 on your wedding photographer regardless of what their collections include – check the reviews and note that a reputable professional company should have these. The amount that you have to spare for wedding photography may be outside of your control, but photographers also have payment plans for their work – so do not be discouraged!



Pick a number, any number. Skimp on invitations, skip on the wedding cake – but do not skimp on photography. The biggest regret of every bride I have spoken to post wedding is that they spent more on these things and less on their photographer – so don’t be that girl. Then pick a MINIMUM and MAXIMUM number that works for you.


Let’s say you have followed all of the steps above! Your wedding is outside and you have done some searching and discovered that you have a love for the light and airy aqua greens and you have a minimum of $1,200.00 and a maximum of $1,800.00 – you are considering an engagement session and maybe a second photographer.

Your Facebook Post Should Resemble:

“Hey, we are getting married! (if you have chosen a day then stick it here) We would love to hear from some photographers that can show us examples of their outdoor work because our entire wedding is going to be outside. Our budget is $1,200.00,  we looked as some pictures and we like the bright airy style with the aqua greens. Can you post a photograph of something you have done in this style and leave your information? We might want an engagement and a second photographer. “

-Why not even post an example picture of what you like and credit the photography company that took it? Show them exactly what you want it to look like.


       The wedding photographer is probably the most important decision that you will make on your wedding planning adventures! You want emotional, connected and unique photographs that capture your day the way you want to remember it! DO shop around, but drop ‘reasonable’ as part of the search. Know what you want and tell them, you set expectations of the photographer from the start!

-Kim, Daniel and Victoria


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